Thurston Bell

Friday, November 17, 2006


Whereas all Chrisitan Faiths require that the individual believer resist and reject Satan in all of his Forms and Deeds.

Whereas the world is engaged in the struggle of Sharia-Facism verses the infidel Secular
Western world first, and the offending Christian World second causing clamour for security by identification of legal citizens.

Whereas Christian Faith has been cast aside "to the margins" of Western Society by the Secular world (spoken by Pope Benedict XVI), as evidenced by Western and American Society denying the Christian morals and history in its historic places, documents. and laws.

Whereas the validity of Bible and Word of GOD is deemed irrelevant to the life, laws, and government of modern man.

Whereas the Secular world lacks the moral foundation, intellectual credibility, and spiritual substance to effectively oppose the spiritual resolve and Koranic Faith of the Sharia-Facisits effort to Redeem themselves and the world to their god.

Whereas the Christian and Evangelical faiths in both America and England have awoken to their spiritual and cultural responsibility to transmute their faith into political action.

Whereas a major Evangelical Association of England has seen such abuse of the Christian Faith and displays of faith by individuals, that it has seen fit to publicly as the question of any future need to revolt against their own secular government's actions against expressions of their Faith.

Whereas the activated political duty of Christian Faith is finding enormous opposition to its efforts to return Secular nations to the sanity of Moral Society, not just from secular academia and lawyers, but also those claiming to be of the faith, by means of intellectual disregard for the entire Word of GOD and exposure of personal scandal.

Whereas all Chrisitan Faiths hold the Bible as being in the least, the inspired Word of GOD, and at the most, the inerrant Word of GOD, perfect for the governing the actions of the Righteous and government of mankind.

Whereas all Christian Faiths hold the Book of Reveleations as the last book in the Bible.

Whereas Revelations Chapter 13 predicts the centralization of banking, credit, commerce, and the labor of mankind into a singular system signified by the "Mark of the Beast".

Whereas the Christian Faiths have long believed that the words of Revelation are true and those who take the Mark of the Beast surrender their souls to Satan, and have no place in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Whereas the Christian Faiths of America refused to the deplore and stand against the numbering of the people with the Social Security Number, as the same sin committed by King David in numbering the People of Israel, causing a great slaughter at the hand of the Angel of Death, despite the fact that it is carried in the hand or memorized in the forehead much like the "Mark of the Beast" and has become the personal identifier for the credit, banking, identification, travel, and government access systems.

Whereas the rumors and myths surrounding the development and existence of the technology for the "Mark of the Beast," known as the RFID Chip, is now mainstream common knowledge on the internet, and is specifically revealed with witness testimony in the Arron Russo Film America from Freedom to Facism.

Whereas the ENTIRE Christian World now possesses the factual, intellectual, political and ecclesiastical means to condemn this technology and confront it, rather than leave Satan full latitude to beguile humanity with this Last and Ultimate Crime against Humanity, before it becomes an enforced system upon all who owe money in the credit system.

Whereas the forseen Mark of the Beast in the Book of Revleations coupled with the development and utility of the RFID Chip proves the relevance of the Bible to the present time of Mankind, as not a mere bunch of stories and fables, but more True than any other religious document including but not limited to the Koran.

Whereas the existence of the RFID Chip proves not only the Truth of the Bible, but the Christian Faith in the Bible as valid, and that we are living in the very last days of this fallen world.

Whereas the above is evidence to be witnessed and exploited for the turning of the faithless, and the creation of Hope by publication and political and eccesiastical action, even in union with self-interested unbelievers.

Whereas the visons of Revelation by precedent is not cast.

Whereas GOD repented of the destruction of the City of Ninevah and the destruction of the Israelites in the desert for their faithless complaining. Thus, there is reason to believe that there can be mercy upon us and our children if we will confront this Final and Last Crime against Humanity called the Mark of the Beast in the form of the RFID Chip.

Whereas the visions of Mary at Fatima Portugal revealed a message that Reveleations is not cast, if the righteous will stand.

Whereas the stand of the Righteous against the assaults of Homosexual Culture, Pornography, Abortion, Stemcell Research, School Prayer, and a myriad of other issues are leading to distraction and diversion from the Final and Last Crime against Humanity, when it is small enough and threatening enough to all free people that it can be defeated, and then the other crimes easily defeated.

Whereas the words of the Apostle Paul condemn the failure of the faithful to take specific action against lawlessness allowing sin to prosper, that we should not "sin more so that grace can abound more", but we must take a stand to be acting in faith to be in fact Faithful.

Whereas Sir Edmond Burke stated that the only thing for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

Whereas, all faithful are now given opportunity for their faith to be acted upon in opposition to the Mark of the Beast/RFID Chip and to save those of young and weak faith in the future from being tested and coerced with no options or support in their resistence to the Mark of the Beast/RFID Chip.

Wherefore, all of the Christian Faith must now take a stand against the Mark of the Beast/RFID Chip by taking the following Ecclisiastical and political action:

1. Bring this Manifesto and a copies of evidence (such as Internet and New Articles, America from Freedom to Facism) to the attention of your Pastor, Church Council, Priest, and/or Church Elders for immediate consideration.

2. Petition your Pastor, Church Council, Priest, and/or Church Elders to immediately take a stand on the Pulpit against the Mark of the Beast/RFID Chip,

3. Petition same for the Ammending of Church By Laws to excommunicate anyone who continues int the development, support, incorporation, receipt, or uses this technology into human beings or to be carried by human beings for the purposes of buying and selling, and even their emplyment.

4. Petition for and Support efforts of your Pastor, Church Council, Priest, and/or Church Elders and Pesbyteries to bring this issue to consideration and passage of the above stand against the Mark of the Beast/RFID Chip by Local, Regional, Councils, Presbyteries and Ecclesiastical bodies. Priests should join with their parishoners in petitioning the Bishop and/or Archbishop for condemnantion of this technology for the tracking of humans and the control of their financial wellbeing, and excommunication of anyone involved in continued support and implementation of the technology.

5. Petition and Support Local, Regional, Councils, Presbyteries and Ecclesiastical bodies to bring this issue of action against the Mark of the Beast/RFID Chip to consideration and passage by national associations of the denomination and/or its leaders. The same support should be given to Bishops and/or Archbishops for Petition to the Vatican for a Worldwide Catholic condemnation of the Mark of the Beast/RFID Chip technology and excommunication of those who perpetuate and support its use, development, and implementation.

6. Petition and Support National Councils of Churches pressing for enactment of National laws that ban RFID Chip technology in Human beings, to make it illegal to create two classes of people, one with access to banking and employment with special priviledges because of the implantation and/or use of the RFID Chip or similar technology, and one with unequal access to banking and employment because of their refusal to take the RFID Chip or use the technology.

It is time for those of the Christian Faith to face the facts of where we are in human and biblical history.

There is a small window now to take a stand against the Ultimate and Final Crime against Humanity as written of in Revelations 13.

Revelations was written so that the full force of the Faithful could take a stand against this evil, not just alone when pressed and coerced by the government as prophesied, but altogether so that there will be hope of a remnant of people found worthy of HIM when HE comes.

The Faithful have politically awakened.

The Faithful know that they will be held accountable for failing to apply their beliefs to political action to stop evil.

The conjunction of the prophesy of Revelations 13 and the RFID Chip Technology is direct evidence of the TRUTH of GOD, HIS Word, and HIS Redemption of Humankind.

This present circumstance is a prime opportunity of the Faithful to strike down the appearence of validity of the challenges of the faithless secular intellectualist, and bring aout their Salvation, while competing doctrines unite for a singular resistence of Satan.

The message of Revleations must be Hope, for Hopelessness is not of GOD.

Therefore, Faith requires active resistence to evil, the Mark of the Beast/RFID Chip being the greatest evil must be the Primary Mission of the active Faithful to resist and defeat if it be the WIll of GOD.

This resistence to Satan will will directly evidence to all, by the positions that are taken from individual, to family, to pastor, to church, to Council, to heriarchy, of who is of Faith and Hope abiding in obedience to GOD to resist Satan in all of his forms, and who is not.

May the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob dwell in the hearts of you and your loved ones as you face this final evil.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

Thurston Paul Bell